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Final reminder: Terrible Ideas this weekend!

You hopefully know what the Terrible Ideas Hackathon is at this point! It's an in-person all-weekend 46-hour (but going home to sleep or chill) marathon to make an actual, real, terrible thing. It's a chance to make all the things our brains spin into our heads at 3am, a chance to make friends, and a chance to try learning new skills.

People will be making stuff out of everything. Our favourite example projects include macrame snapchat filters, the Yell Bucket(tm), speed chess that shocks you if you hesitate or show weakness. This year our small hope is that someone will try and fail to make a musical production in 46 hours.

Oh, and it's a chance to eat lots of free food. Seriously - this thing is sponsored by the wonderful School of Computer Science and they have (as always) done a great job helping make sure you'll be fed.

If you haven't registered but want to, here is the link: https://terriblehack.nz/

It's free and kicks off on Friday at 6:00 in the Unleash Space, going through to Sunday afternoon. See you there!