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Hobby Speed Dating this Friday

This is your mid-week update 😊 This Friday (tomorrow), we're meeting up once again in the Unleash Space from 5:30 PM!

We're starting off with a Hobby Hopping "Speed-Dating" style event run by our fantastic members. You'll have a chance to get an intro to a handful of hobbies as you rotate around each table.

Project time comes after! This will be your time to spend - whether you want to hang out, work on your own project, or contribute to someone else's. We'll have a variety of "official" projects anyone can contribute to regardless of skill, as well as trained creative technicians hanging around to help out with the more ambitious ideas.

As always, we'll have tea and coffee to share (although we wouldn't recommend drinking the coffee at this hour), and as with last week, we'll have Pizza which you can join the $7 split for online (https://makeuoa.nz/pizza), or bank transfer / bring cash on the day. This week it'll be Pizza Hut. Let us know if you're getting tired of Pizza Hut.

See you soon!
💛 , the Maker Club team.