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Maker Club: Weekly Meetups are back, plus 48Hours and Survey Results!

Maker Club: Weekly Meetups are back, plus 48Hours and Survey Results!
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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on our survey! We have a few quick updates:

Weekly Meetups

Assuming our room booking goes through, we're back this week! Come say hi from 5:30 PM this Friday at the Unleash Space - it'll be Matariki, so if you have any suggestions on what we could do in theme with the holiday, let us know. Otherwise, the space will be open with all the workshop tools available as usual.

48Hour Film Challenge

Zac just sent out emails to those who registered their interest last week - if you're expecting an email and didn't get one, let us know! There's still time to join this, and you can do so here: https://auckland.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dbR66A6k7Zb8UnA

Survey Results

Thank you again to everyone who filled this out! We have some clear insights from this. Some surprising, some interesting, some expected:

Options for supporting the club

We investigated the possibility of having a Patreon-style option for supporting the club financially (an opt-in membership fee). Overall, people thought this was a good idea, but only a few said they'd be willing to contribute, with most being unsure.

What's important to you?

This one's a bit more complicated, but we see some clear trends here:

  1. People mostly agreed that regular workshops and activities are an important part of what the club does.
  2. Some people really liked the social part, but many don't see it as their #1 priority.
  3. Some people really like having after-hours Unleash Space access, but a lot of folks aren't too fussed about it.
  4. People would much rather have hands-on activities than listen to someone talk.


Almost everyone likes the pizza split being cheap - which makes sense, it's why we do it like this! About 1/3 of you don't care for or use the split, which about tracks with what we've seen.

If you'd like to poke at the graphs yourself, you can view the results here; https://ql.tc/aZa3oW

That's it for now - stay chill and (hopefully) see you this Friday!