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☀️ Maker Club over the summer break!

☀️ Maker Club over the summer break!
Photo by Mark de Jong / Unsplash

You should be doing exam prep instead of reading this newsletter (or if you're done with exams you should be sleeping)! Stop reading me!

With that out of the way, it's worth saying that almost all of our executive team at the club are in the midst of exams - so expect a bit of a break from our usual neck-breaking pace of events most Fridays :)

This summer we'll likely have the occasional event announced here, on Discord, and on our Instagram. This is the big one, which is now open for free registration! Bring your friends:

8th - 10th DECEMBER

Against all good judgement and laws of humanity, the Terrible Ideas Hackathon is BACK for 2023… AGAIN! From the 8th to the 10th of December, we’ll be invading Unleash Space and making a whole bunch of dumb stuff. However, we aren’t just taking over Tāmaki Makaurau, but THE WHOLE WORLD! By which, we mean London, Sydney, and Whangārei. Nothing can stop us (except like, a dragon probably.)


In case you forgot (or have tried to repress all the memories of the hackathon back in March), here’s a recap: The Terrible Ideas Hackathon is a two day event challenging you to take the worst ideas from the crevices of your mind and bringing them to reality. This can be ANYTHING - from a browser game where you have to guide a gritty, badass peach dad to save his peach wife and peach kid from peach criminals, to a musical about your favourite bus route. If the idea sucks, we want to see it happen.

And the best part is, we have NO MONEY LEFT! That’s right baby, it’s a no-budget hackathon where you have nothing but your brain, and whatever's laying about at Unleash, your flat, and your laptop. Sound hard? It is! But that’s what’s gonna make this a fun one.

Registrations are NOW OPEN! Go do that here: