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Maker Club SGM

Maker Club SGM

Last year, our club brought home the "New Club of the Year" trophy, grew to over 400 members, and held over 50 events. This year, we need your help to join the team and make the club even better!

Since O-Week, we've had another two hundred members join our club - if you're one of those, congrats and welcome! Student clubs like this one are organized by lots and lots of volunteer hours, and positions open up twice a year for new people to join!

This Friday, we'll be electing for the following positions:

  1. Collab Guru - We need someone to help organize all the collaborations we do with other clubs! Want to see us doing more with one of the hundreds of other UoA clubs, or communities outside the university? This might be the role for you!
  2. Marketing - Website posts like this, Instagram, and all sorts of other social media & physical media creation. This position already has someone doing it, but we need more talented and dedicated people to join our team! If you're interested in a job in the marketing and social media spaces, this is a great position to pick up.
  3. Sponsorship manager - We'd love to give everyone free iPads, but Apple hasn't returned our email? Can you help us find other communities and companies who will be interested in supporting us?
  4. Event coordinator - Our goal is to try for two events a week this year. Event coordinators will help make these events go smoothly and ensure everyone involved knows what's going on. If you take on this role, you'll be in charge of a smattering of events throughout the year!

Any of these sound like something you could help with? You can apply here: https://forms.gle/eCh8Tx1xDaUwzhV27, and we'll be electing new members tomorrow (Friday!) at 6:00 PM.

Everyone else, please come along to help make sure we're doing the right things! See you there. Candy floss and some snacks provided!