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Last Week's Recap & Photos, Discord, Mocktail Mania

With registrations closed for this Friday (we sold out!), we're now in full swing for preparing for an excellent BIG event:

Friday the 8th: Mocktail Mania
Join SciSA, SOFAD, PAUA, and ourselves on an adventure creating all sorts of weird, alcohol-free cocktails! We’ll have a bunch of ingredients and fun activities including quick-freezing sorbet using liquid nitrogen and molecular gastronomy spherification. It’s all food-safe, so whatever you come o…

If you missed the signup for this Friday, not to worry. We'll be back to normal next week with a chill final Friday before the break. Expect some board games and casual project time, as well as pizza as always 😊 You can also join the waitlist above for this Friday in case spots open up, or if you're feeling sneaky head along anyway and see if we have any extra space.

Please Join Our Online Community!

As you might be aware, our club has an online group chat & community on Discord. As people start to head away for the mid-semester break, we want to make sure everyone has the chance to join us online! Whether you're staying in Auckland or taking the first chance to gap, use our Discord to share some of the things you're working on, ask advice, and keep in touch with friends.

We know that for a lot of you, this is your first time using Discord. It can be really confusing, but we chose it for some good reasons! It's got great privacy (unlike certain other platforms) and does a decent job of managing lots of people talking at once, with different channels (categories) in the sidebar for different conversations.

Your challenge: get yourself on Discord, then:

  • Say hi in the #introductions channel
  • Share a thing you've made in the #i-made-a-thing channel

You can join our discord by using this link: https://discord.gg/6NFXUU2euN

If this is your first time using Discord, we recommend giving this short video a watch. It doesn't cover everything but gives a good overview of how Discord works.

Last week: Liquid Nitrogen

To cap this email off, here's some photos from last week:

You can find a bunch more in our new store for club photos here:

Maker Club Photos!
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Feel free to send us your own photos to include, and if you'd like to share any of these photos online just make sure to get permission from anyone in the photos! If it's a photo of the committee members you're good to go - we don't mind.

That's all for now 💛