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Maker Club Projects

Kia ora everyone! Thanks to all who showed up for last week’s madness. We had a lot of fun seeing the fantastic forts and battle armour everyone made. Stay tuned till the end of this update to see some of our photos from the evening.

Friday: Make silver rings!

We have managed to score a booking at the Jewelers Collective! They have given us a small discount so the class is only $50. The class runs from 10am - 1pm. The class is super fun and you end up with an awesome sterling silver ring to take home. The course is aimed at people who have no experience in jewellery making before so no worries if you haven't done any before. The instructors will take you through the whole process. If you want to sign up, here’s the link! https://makeuoa-jewellery-workshop.lilregie.com/

This Week’s Maker Club Gathering

As usual, on Friday we’re catching up from 5:30PM at the Unleash Space. This week is the start of some of our bigger projects, and we’d love your help!

Introducing: The new Projects section of our website! We'll be listing active community projects going on within the club. Get in touch to add your own.

Vending Machine

Looking For: Artists, Fabricators, anyone with technical/embedded systems skills

We now have our very own vending machine! Our NUMBER ONE priority is getting this looking interesting so it adds something fun to the space. We need your help with this! 

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Knitting Machine

Looking For: Textile artists, crocheters, felters, knitters, anyone comfortable setting up vintage / manual machinery

On Friday us Fibre Artists were gifted a beautiful vintage knitting machine! We are slowly but surely figuring out the kinks of the machine and have made a very tight and messy swatch

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And more!

We have lots of other projects and things you're welcome to join in on, including:

  • Jewellery making
  • Photography/videography (documenting the club)
  • Crocheting, knitting, and other fibre arts
  • Colour card designs (fabrication/illustration/art)

If you have a hobby or project you want to work on and are keen for others to join, let us know via Discord! If you're happy to teach, there's a good chance someone will want to learn.

Photos from Cardboard Forts:

To keep things contained, we've put our photos up on Instagram (@make.uoa), so head over there to check out even more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdVG45ghKWZ/

However, here are a few choice shots:

Catch you soon!