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Shared dinner & Board Games this Friday

Thanks to everyone who came along last Friday to the Mocktail Mania! We had way more interest than expected and we well and truly hit capacity. To those of you who could make it we hope you had a great time. We'll have an email going out to you soon to recap.

With things beginning to get busy and folks starting to head off for the holidays, we have a chill Friday planned this week. As an alternative to the $7 pizza affair, we're doing a shared potluck dinner - bring a plate with snacks or some food if you'd like to join in! It's up to you which you'd like to do, and you're also welcome to bring your own food to eat before/after.

Other than the food, we'll be playing some board games and giving people time to hang out and work on their projects - if you have something fun to bring along feel free to!

As always, the best way to stay in touch with people is through our Discord.

All the best for midsem tests and looking forward to a chill evening!
The Maker Club Team 💛

Location: Unleash Space
Date: Friday the 15th
Time: 5:30 till late