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Welcome to our club!

Hey! Welcome to the club!! You made it through O-Week and you're now looking back on the haze of clubs expo wondering what you actually signed up for. Well, as of the 2nd of March 2023, here's our update:

We have so much stuff coming up this year - starting tonight with the Mass Colab at 6pm with some free pizzas and SO MANY other clubs. You've done the right thing by becoming a member, but you should also consider:

  • Joining our Discord to keep in touch with friends you make at our events and share stuff you're working on: https://discord.gg/6NFXUU2euN
  • Following us on Instagram to see photos from our events and hear about upcoming stuff: @make.uoa

Tomorrow we're hosting our first Friday gathering - making coke and butane rockets! Like most of our events, that one is also free to attend, and we'll do a group buy for some pizza for anyone looking for dinner.

Next Friday night through the weekend, we have our flagship event for the year. So flagship that it gets its own website and registration form! And official tote bags! We're running a 46-hour challenge to design and make terrible ideas called the Terrible Ideas Hackathon. If you like the idea of events like the 48Hours film challenge but find the idea of staying up for two days a bit too intense for your first time, this event is the perfect way to be introduced to the magic of 48-hour style events. If we could set a "required reading" for our events, this would be at the top. You won't want to miss it.

For those who have been to a few hackathons and know the gist, we're running this event to chill out and let you take real ambitious risks with your ideas without fear of falling out of the running for a prize.

We ran it last in 2021 with a delightful mix of all the best worst ideas you can imagine, and it's back for another year - this time with some free food and a bigger room!