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48HOURS, Intersemester Activities, and a Quick Survey

Three updates this week. One about the regular Friday meetups, one exciting event, and one super quick four-question poll for our club:

Taking a break

We'll be taking a two-week break from our weekly gatherings. This is to give some space for people to focus on exams. At this stage, we're planning to return on the 24th of June with holiday makerspace access and regular project stuff.

48 Hour Film Challenge

Come join our 48HOURS maker club team! If you haven't heard of it before, it's very simple; filmmakers have just one weekend to make a short film. We'll be entering at least one team into the challenge this year, and we need to get a list of people interested sorted.

48Hours 2022 is this 12th-14th August, from Friday evening non-stop till Sunday afternoon (with time for sleep). It's an intense but ultimately fun time, and it's up to your team how seriously you want to take it.

Entering a team usually costs $199 if you submit early (we are planning to). We'll split this between everyone in the team equally, and we're aiming for team sizes of roughly 5-9. The maths works out to $40 each in the smallest team size, but we'll try and make it cheaper (eg by arranging for a tertiary 50% discount).

If you're keen to join our team, you can fill out this form asap!

Four questions to help make the club better

Really, it's more like three questions, and it'll go a long way to helping us make some important decisions around the club's finances, pizza, and what we prioritise for semester two. Please take a couple of minutes to fill it out here, even if you haven't attended our events the last semester. If you have any extra feedback or ideas on how we can make the club better, please let us know at [email protected].

Here's the survey link:

Zac M-W profile image Zac M-W
Kia ora! I'm the President of the Maker Club. I help put together the Terrible Ideas Hackathon, Kiwijam, and other odd events with the broad goal of bringing good people together.