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Terrible Ideas Hackathon!

Terrible Ideas happen everywhere – from pottery to programming. This event is a challenge to bring to life your most terrible, awful, brilliant ideas in 46 hours. Join us for a weekend to remember ❤️

Terrible Ideas Hackathon!

In one weekend, come up with a terrible idea, make it, and then show it to the world. This is the Terrible Ideas Hackathon!

Against all good judgement and laws of humanity, the Terrible Ideas Hackathon is BACK for 2024! From the 2nd - 4th of August, we’ll be invading the new B201 Foyer and making a bunch of dumb stuff. Nothing can stop us (except like, two dragons probably.)

In case you forgot (or have tried to repress all the memories of the last hackathon), here’s a recap: The Terrible Ideas Hackathon is a two day event challenging you to take the worst ideas from the crevices of your mind and bringing them to reality. This can be ANYTHING - from a browser game where you have to guide a gritty, badass peach dad to save his peach wife and peach kid from peach criminals, to a musical about your favourite bus route. If the idea sucks, we want to see it happen.

Registrations are NOW OPEN! Go do that here:

See you there, or else!

Terrible Ideas Hackathon
Zac M-W profile image Zac M-W
Kia ora! I'm the President of the Maker Club. I help put together the Terrible Ideas Hackathon, Kiwijam, and other odd events with the broad goal of bringing good people together.