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Coming up this week with the Maker Club

With things finally starting to kick off, let's do a round-up of what's happening at the Maker Club this week.

Monday & Tuesday: Virtual Clubs Expo

Keen to learn more about the club, or have friends you can drag along to say hi? We're participating in the UoA Clubs Expo, where you can join our Zoom room to learn more about what's coming up.

Monday & Tuesday: Join us at Clubs Expo!
Keen to join our club but have questions, or just want to catch up with the club? Come along this Monday and Tuesday to our digital Clubs Expo stall! You can find more, including Zoom links here: Virtual Clubs ExpoDiscover unique opportunities at! Find and attend events, browse and join

Wednesday: Clubs Expo in-person

Want to see us in-person giving a pitch for the club? Join us for the Clubs Expo Showcase at the city campus - we'll be there on Wednesday from 1:30 PM:

Clubs Week - The University of Auckland
Find your place at our Clubs Week, 28 Feb - 4 Mar 2022

Friday: Launch night 🎉🎉

It's finally happening – come along this Friday to the launch night for our club! We'll be opening doors at 5:30 PM for after-hours Unleash Space access, followed by a kick-off presentation at 6:15 PM. We'll be keeping the space open till late after that with board games and more making. This is your best opportunity to get to know each other, so make sure you come along! Food provided, mask and vaccine pass required. Register now.

4th March: O-Week Launch Night
With semester one kicking off, Join the Maker Club for our 2022 official launch night, this Friday the 4th of March at 5:30 PM till late.
Zac M-W profile image Zac M-W
Kia ora! I'm the President of the Maker Club. I help put together the Terrible Ideas Hackathon, Kiwijam, and other odd events with the broad goal of bringing good people together.